Why I love my Fed Ex guy....

My Fed Ex guy rates right up there with my UPS man. They both bring me lots of free goods as a result of Thirty-One business. I did one party in December and it was a $600.00 party so I earned what is known as the Ready, Set, Sell Incentive Level 2. Last Friday, my free stuff came and I am loving it. 

My favorite item was this purse from the new line of Jewell by Thirty-One products. I am not crazy about snakeskin, but I do love this particular purse and will probably order it for spring in the hot pink they offer. Check out the small secret pocket between the handles. It is perfect for my cell phone.

I also received a free pocket that you can put in the purse. It's really neat the way they give you options. 

Just lift the flap and snap it in.

And there you have it, a new zipper pocket. If you don't need it you can leave it out. 

The purse also has two drop pockets already in it.

One of the other items is perfect for storage around the house. I can't decide if I want to use mine for crafts or cleaning supplies.  

With all the pockets around it, I may have to get a second one for cleaning supplies and use this one for my crafts. 

They have created a new thermal. It is perfect for toting pizza's home and keeping them hot. 

One of the other bags was this huge tote bag from Jewell by Thirty-One (This is a new line in our Thirty-One catalog this spring.). It is perfect for the woman on the go that is always toting everything with her. 

They sent me a new batch of spring catalogs. Can't wait to send them out to my customers. 

The special this month is the Zip Top Utility Tote and the All About the Benjamin wallet. I was able to get one of the wallets earlier this fall in a different pattern. But I do believe I will take advantage of the savings and buy the pink one while it is on sale. Then the pink purse I want is coming on sale in February and I will be all set. You really should visit my page where I talked about this new wallet. I haven't carried any other wallet since I got it. I am in love with it. Check out this link and scroll down to the wallet. All About the Benjamin wallet

They sent me a few of the new sample swatches but this isn't everything. If you would like to have one of the new catalogs, just let me know.

Well, hubby and I have a rare day off together today so we are going to run out to the store this morning and get some goodies for appetizers for tonight. Every New Year's Eve we stay home and fix a lot of assorted cheeses, crackers, appetizers, etc. and play a marathon of Monopoly and if he beats me in that too fast, we play Runny or Skip Bo. We have been married 32 years and we have done this for 32 years. I wouldn't trade it for all the parties in the world.

Have a safe and happy New Year's eve. 

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Terri D said...

Great products! I love that huge tote bag!! That's the size purses I carry! LOL