An early Valentine's surprise....

I had a visitor yesterday, my dear friend GeorgeAnna. She had brought me a gift.

I had asked her to make me a blue and a tan dishcloth and look what she made. Aren't they gorgeous.

Then she took some of the yarn and made this pretty doilie. 

Which I put under my Town & Country set. I love it.

She also made me some of these coaster type things. I call them dish savers. I put them between the bowls in my Pyrex sets so they don't scratch or rub bowl against bowl.

She also got me this pretty mug. I thing I'll have some hot chocolate later in it.

The last item in the bag was a box. 

But before I open it, do you remember when I posted these the other day?


I had shown them to GeorgeAnna and asked her if she thought she could make me a couple in pink, red and blue. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and found this. 

Oh I am SO in love with these. Let the decorating begin!

Thank you GeorgeAnna. You are the best!


ThrifterSisters said...

Those little hearts are the sweetest! People post photos all over Instagram of garlands made out of those. I love them!


Terri D said...

Having creative friends is just the best!! You are blessed, indeed!

Carol Z said...

What great treats and what a sweet friend!