Eye Spy

I spy with my little eye....not a whole lot because my glasses are almost useless anymore. 

I have had these glasses for close to six years. Four years ago I had to have my lenses changed, but elected to keep the same frame. My eye sight is changing. I don't know if it is for the better or worse, but I have such a hard time working with these glasses that I usually take them off because I can see better. I went to the eye doctor today and found out that even though I have worn glass for 49 years and that they get worse with every exam, I am now showing improvement in my nearsightedness. One eye has a little improvement on the astigmatism and it is a little worse on the other ey.

So I went through the obstacle course of frames they had and chose 3 different pairs I liked. The lady who was waiting on me was very helpful about the frames....but I could not get a straight answer from her on the cost of the lenses or what my lens options were. And I know there are options because they go through them with me every time I have gotten new glasses these past 49 years. She liked a pair I didn't like but she kept insisting the ones I liked weren't big enough for no-line trifocals. Yet, the frames she kept trying to push on me were $200 frames and they were smaller than the $79 I liked. She quoted me a price of $800 for a new pair of glasses. Seriously??? I don't think so. So I asked for my prescription and left without glasses. Needless to say, I will be going somewhere where I get to make the choice on what I want. 



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