I forgot....

I forgot to write a post yesterday. End of the month and closing out the last year has kept me on my toes. So good to know I can relax today.

UPDATE: Turns out I DID post yesterday. Looks like I need a day off. Thanks Ms. Debbie for letting me know. :)

I guess I should say "good to know I could relax today". 

I don't have anywhere I need to be. I'm not going out to do any shopping or window shopping or idea gathering. I am staying right here in my nice warm house and cleaning. 

I have been trying to finish rearranging and organizing my craft/office room at home.

I have a planner that I am hand making that I want to finish.

I am working on a scrapbook project that I need to get done soon.

I want to redecorate the grandchildren's room.

I want to store away items I no longer want to decorate with and "shop" my house and closet to find fresh decorating ideas for a couple of rooms. 

And I want to make some peanut butter candy and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies today.

So I ask myself why am I sitting here on the computer if I want to accomplish so much? Good question. I guess I will get to work now. Have a great day.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Ms. Brenda ....you did post yesterday....about your Pyrex finds. You've certainly had a stressful week. I just read a verse of scripture that reminds me of you....Proverbs 15:15 (NLT);)

Terri D said...

Love you organized cleaning supplies. I have that tote, and take it to work every day, with lunch and "home work" in it. Love it. Don't work too hard!!