Peanut butter and toast

How many of you eat peanut butter and toast? Growing up in my family, just about everyone of us loved it and I still do today. It is my favorite "quick fix" breakfast. I normally fix it just in the toaster then slather it with peanut butter. But once in awhile, I take the time to make it the way my Mamaw Eden made it for me. She would butter the bread and put it under the broiler and let it "toast". After it got done, she covered it with peanut butter. Then she stuck it back under the broiler for just a few seconds. It totally changes the taste. It is like eating fresh roasted peanuts. I love it this way. I had to have some for breakfast this morning. It makes it so ooey gooey. Yum. It was delicious.

Of course, I always have to have it with a big old glass of chocolate milk. 

There is just something about chocolate and peanut butter.
What a great way to start the day.

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Terri D said...

I rarely eat peanut butter, but Joe enjoys a PB&J now and then. I don't think either of us has tried it on toast. Hmmmmm.....