Something pretty....

I love when I go to Pinterest and something pops up on the main page that catches my eye. Last night, I took a stroll through Pinterest and first thing that came up was this beautiful flower arrangement. I have a teapot a lot like this. Guess you know what I am going to do with that teapot come spring.

That made me start looking at floral arrangements. I think I will find a vintage breadbox like this and plant me a small flower garden.

As I was looking at other unique floral arrangements and I saw this one. My mom and sister love primitive. They both need to do this.

That link led me to this lovely arrangement. 

Which made me start looking at vintage sifters. Wouldn't this be cute with red flowers in it.

That Pinterest site also had some displays with those crocheted dishclothes I love. This is really cute for a kitchen.

But I may just have to do the one below in one of the bathrooms. 

Then I realized it was getting late and I better get off Pinterest. When I thought of the time, it reminded me I had stopped at an indoor yard sale yesterday and bought this vintage looking clock. It's not really vintage because he had five of them, but I loved it and at just $5 I had to have one. I need to wash the face off and clean it up, but this is going in my home office. 

Speaking of home office, I finally found a wooden craft table for my craft room. Since I am working on moving everything out and rearranging, I won't be posting it for a few days. But stay tuned to check it out.

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I love visiting your creative ideas!