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Discovering Cloche

Cloche is French for bell. Now, many of you may already know about using glass domes in bell like shapes to cover a variety of collections. But I just discovered it on Pinterest and I am in love with all the unique things you can do. Here are some I found that I loved.

Christmas tree under a cloche. The tree is made of tiny green beads.

Wouldn't this one be a great gift for someone who is a birdwatcher?

Display feathers, vintage books, and antique binoculars in a glass jar. |

Love the beachy-nautical theme to this one.

Beach House Decor-yay-now I have a good idea after I put up me Easter decorations!!!

Talk about super simple. This is so elegant looking but so easy.

JOY cloche @Deb Keller Farm ... my Sis Odie has these all over her house and I just now realized what they are called "cloche"

I love this, but the chocolate bunny wouldn't last long around here.

Cloche Rabbit

I have got to remember this for Christmas. I have several loose nativity sets and this would be an awesome display.

oh gosh.. I have this Nativity, what a great way to showcase it!

I have seen this one before in a jar. I really want to do one of these this year. 

A neat way to display all the pretty seashells I find at the beach.

Love a glass sea shell container! Great way to display your treasures.

Very vintage looking and perfect for someone who loves to crochet.

Okay, now I have to find one of those red bubble gum machines and paint it and fill it with pearls. Too cute. I just sold one in a yard sale about 3 years ago because I couldn't figure out what to do with it.

I see lots of vintage Victorian era items but have no idea how I would display them. This would be cute.

This is the simplest one yet and one I just have to do at Halloween. Just too, too adorable. 

I want to do some craft projects so bad but everything I want to work on I am missing part of the project and with the weather this week and what is coming again tonight, I fear it will be awhile before I can get out anywhere to get any supplies.


Debbie Huffaker said...

HOPE you have a great weekend, even though we're supposed to have more crazy weather! Stay safe!