I was in a bad mood yesterday all day. Then at 7:30 I get a text from UPS that my package couldn't be delivered AGAIN. Folks, I am located about the equivalent of two city blocks away from the main road. We had NOTHING on any road leading to me. I passed trucks literally a block from where I lived. And they STILL took my package back for redelivery. As if that didn't make me mad enough, I wake up this morning to this and it is still coming down. My hill is ice under the snow and so far nobody that has tried made it out. They all slide back down to their driveway. We are in the cul-de-sac so there isn't a second way out. 

It is beautiful but now I have the struggle of trying to figure whether or not to brave going into work.

I decided to amuse myself while I decide. So I checked out to see if there was anything good on Facebook. My daughter knows I love the vintage utility carts. I have one that I am trying to decide what color to paint it. She shared this one she found on a Good Housekeeping site. Here was the before...

And after. The change is unbelievable. I love it. Just image it with Pyrex on it and vintage collectibles. 

Then I visited Pinterest and saw some pretty nails I liked really well. I am starting to look at manicures. I am going to treat myself to one later this summer for Conference. I really like this one.

But I also loved this plain shiny pink.

I am really into the one accent nail right now. A lot of times, I do this myself with a glitter on my ring finger and pink on the rest.

I love anchors and this is very whimsical. I adore it but just can't see myself going this crazy.

Speaking of anchors, I have been seeing some cute ideas for the Thirty-One cosmetic bag that people use for a bible bag. I think this is one of my favorites. 

But I'm not sure if I like the font above or below the best.

As I have put on weight over the years, my fingers have too. My original wedding rings were lost in a move and my replacement rings have been sized so many times, they can't size them any more. I saw this set the other day and fell in love. They are a lot like my first set when we got married. Trying to decide whether I want new rings for our anniversary this year or not.

Well, I guess I need to call the boss and decide whether it is a "try to come in" or "work from home" type of day today. Have a safe day wherever you are.


Terri D said...

Hope you were able to stay in where you are safe! That table transformation is amazing!

Debbie Huffaker said...

I saw that cart on somebody's blog....isn't it gorgeous? It even gave details as to how to paint it. Now, I'm gonna be on the lookout for one. Wonder if it would hold a microwave? Keep calm about the weather....spring is just around the corner. At least that's what I keep telling myself!!! Stay safe and HOPE you have an awesome day!

Donna said...

Goodness what bad weather! Be safe!
Like the polishes...