Weekend Wrap Up

I trust that everyone hit by the recent winter storms is staying safe and warm. We had a transformer blow in my neighborhood Monday around 5:00 p.m. I reported it and told them about hearing the booms at the end of my street. They were there in 20 minutes and we were back on by 7:30 p.m. We have one of the best electric departments around. 

I enjoyed a relaxing three day weekend. Saturday we did some thrift store shopping before the bad weather set in on Sunday. Here are some of the awesome finds I came home with. One of the places we went was Real Deal Warehouse and everything was 50% off the marked price. If it was in the Valentine's department you got 50% off the 50% off price so it ended up at 75% off. 

I got this beautiful Amore sign for $1.13 and the two roses for 25¢ each.

At Diane's Thift Store in Pigeon Forge, I got this Pyrex plate for $1.99. I have an oval one and a bowl to match it already. Trying to collect a service for 2 of all the pieces.

My phone camera settings got changed so my pics aren't all they great. Need to take it to AT & T and have them show me what I did. Anyway, I love this little set of nesting boxes that were just $1.00.

This was also just a $1.00 and I thought it would be a cute holder for glue sticks or scissors on my craft desk.

And it can be turned around at Easter to add to my Easter decor.

This is a tiny cup that has a picture of a French vineyard on it. I just fell in love with it and it was just 50¢. It is very detailed. Wish I could have got a better picture.

And this little glass bell was just too irresistible to pass up for just 50¢. 

This was just 25¢. I will probably put it on my home office desk as a pencil holder. 

But for the 3 day weekend I filled it with my crocheted heart. 

Hubby and I don't do much for Valentine's. I got his a heart shaped box of Kit Kats and he went to Gatlinburg and bought me a pound of my favorite orange creams. 

They are to die for. I have to ration how many I eat at a time because they are super rich. 

We had a horrible ice storm come through yesterday and snow on top of that. Fortunately, I have a job where I can work from home if I need to. That's exactly what I did today. Our hill was solid ice and nobody could get up or down. So I called the girls and guys and we all just worked from home today. It's nice getting to hang out in comfy sweats and fuzzy house shoes while I work. 

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Terri D said...

Always so many amazing finds, and the prices are amazing!