I feel the need for change....

Now, you are going to think I'm crazy but I told my daughter last week that I think I have too much Pyrex. GASP! Well, it all started when I was looking through some pictures. Here was how my wine rack looked when I bought my first set of Pyrex.

Here is how it looks today. 

Here was my Baker's Rack before I started collecting Pyrex.

Here it is today. 

Yikes! I am not liking the change. I still love my Pyrex but i just don't like my displays. I miss my roosters and sunflowers and all the additional decor. I think what I will do is display some of my pretty pieces I don't use much by putting them on top my cabinets and then the pieces I use a lot, I can keep out. But I want to start incorporating other items in my decor. For example, I found these fake eggs and this little Pyrex bowl. I am going to put the eggs in the bowl and then set it on a shelf with one of my roosters and some mixing bowls. 

Plus I would like to make this little wall hanging with a K for our kitchen.  I just love this. 

Monogram primitive wall decoration. Barnwood frame, glass removed. Gingham scrapbook paper, rusty chicken wire, and then a wood craft-store letter, sanded, painted white, then wood-stained. Screwed letter to back of frame, which also holds chicken wire and scrapbook paper to the back of the frame. Tied a big burlap bow through the chicken wire, put the whole thing back in the frame, and voilĂ !

So now I can't wait to start re-organized how my kitchen is decorated. Plus I can "shop" my own house in my storage for my roosters and things I want to get back out. I will be sure and do before and afters. 


Terri D said...

Well, I was thinking of you on Friday afternoon! On our way to Naples, there is a consignment shop that I have always wanted to explore and we had some extra time, so Joe agreed that we should do it this time. They had so much Pyrex - or maybe I'm just looking for it now because of your blogs! I was astounded at how expensive it is! Sets were $65 and $70 and more, and just single pieces were over $20. Whewie!!! Now I understand how important your trades are!

I like the way your shelves used to look, with all the different pretties displayed, along with the Pyrex. Keep us posted on what you do!!

ThrifterSisters said...

I am constantly redoing the displays in my house! I was actually just thinking that it was time to redo my Pyrex cabinet the other day. Its so much work but so worth it in the end. I'm just happy to hear that you aren't getting rid of any! Can't wait to see the new pics.