Let me just say WOW!

I wanted to share something with all my fellow Pyrex fans. They have introduced a few new pieces as part of their 100th anniversary. So I had to check it out. They have revamped the popular measuring cup set that has been with red numbers as long as I can remember. You can check all the new styles I am featuring today by visiting the Pyrex site or the Corningware site.

I have fallen in love with the turquoise one. The bigger numbers are perfect for my older age.

From what I saw on their website, the 4 cup still comes in the red.

But the best thing I think they have is the famous Dot pattern in a new style bowl with a lid. Loving the red. This is going on my wish list.

Not a big fan of the green, but wanted to show you the options.

The navy is pretty.

But my fave, fave, fave is the turquoise dots. I am looking for this today. From what I am hearing from my Pyrex groups, these bowls range from $4.99 - $6.99, depending on where you find them. I am checking Target. I know for a fact they have the turquoise measuring cup. And rumor has it that the Corningware store in Sevierville has the bowls. I will be a woman on a mission this weekend. That is for sure.

While I was on the Corningware site, I discovered all these beautiful new baking dishes in a wide variety of color.

And check out the one with a pattern. Does this remind anybody of the old Pyrex Verde square flowers pattern?

This is there newest bakeware set. Four pieces for under $50. I have seen women pay $80 for 4 piece set of the vintage so this isn't bad for brand new. 

While I was on Corningware's site, I had to pop over to see the Corelle dish pattern. I think Mom would love the new Square Country Dawn pattern.
 Square™ Country Dawn 16 Pc Dinnerware Set

All the new patterns are so gorgeous that it makes me want to have a huge yard sale and sell all my dish sets and get brand new. I really like the new Impressions Sunshine pattern.

And before Christmas I would love to have the Cheerful Flurry.

But then I saw these and thought they would be perfect for my new dishes. I like the Spring Pink pattern. 

Livingware™ Spring Pink 16-Pc Dinnerware Set

But THEN I saw the Happy Days pattern and fell in love. 

Square™ Happy Days 16-Pc Dinnerware Set

But at the same time, there is something so simple and down to earth with the Livingware Tree & Bird pattern.

Livingware™ Tree Bird 16-Pc Dinnerware Set

But then I saw the South Beach. I am all about those dots right now so I just can't decide which pattern I would like the best.

Livingware™ South Beach 16-Pc Dinnerware Set

Guess I'll just keep my existing dishes until I can make up my mind.


Rachel said...

Three words. Wow! Wow! Wow! You know I love those colors! Pyrex is looking a lot like Fiestaware. Going out today and will look for that measuring cup! I really like the big numbers.

Terri D said...

Thanks for sharing all this new information. I'll have to watch for some of these!