I had to rant last week about Mr. UPS. They carried my shipment around on their truck for one full week before they delivered it. My road was fine on 3 or 4 of those days. But with all the horrible weather, they were so bogged down with packages they just couldn't get them all delivered. 

But he finally made it on Friday and once I got to see my pretties he brought me, I forgot all about being upset with him. I had a Thirty-One party and earned some awesome hostess benefits. I am so in love with my new tote bag for the summer. This bag is around $80 and because I was the hostess of the party, I was able to get it for just $20 and the personalization was free. I love Thirty-One.

I am really into anything with acorns and where I found out we could customize any bag with an anchor icon, I just had to get the mini canvas crew tote for my spring purse. 

My daughter ordered her one as well and I love the way her initials turned out on it.

A friend of mine ordered the new mini diamond district purse with matching wallet. I already have the wallet and I'm doing another order right now. For my hostess rewards on this order, I am going to pick this pink purse. I am loving pink this year.

We got snowed in and had to cancel our February Celebrate & Connect meeting so we did some phone training and then met with our leader to get our amenity. It was one of the monogram initial necklaces from the new JK by Thirty-One jewelry line that launches on March 16th. I am loving it. And we each got our initial for our first name, which thrilled me.

My daughter is a consultant as well, so she was able to get hers Saturday as well. We just loved the fact that Thirty-One took the time and expense to package them in little wooden boxes. It was just too adorable.

Now if we could just get spring to get here so I can care my spring purse.


Terri D said...

I love my 31 purse and tote. It is good quality merchandise. Your tote and the purses are great!

Leslie said...

ohhhhh... they are all fantastic!!! I can't wait for spring either. : )