Weekend Wrap Up

So happy to announce we had a snow-free, ice-free rain-free weekend. The temperature even got back up in the 50's. I headed to Knoxville on a mission. I had met a couple of ladies through a local Pyrex trade group and we were all going to be in Knoxville on Saturday so I set up some trades. 

The first item I got was this adorable casserole. The lady called it a Green Honeysuckle. I really like it. It is in mint condition. 

I googled it and found out it is actually called Floral Casserole. It it considered a non-standard Pyrex pattern from 1960. A few years later they changed the pattern to gold and called it Golden Honeysuckle. I am really thrilled to have something that apparently was only manufactured about 3 years.

Pyrex 043/943 oval, the Floral Casserole, image from 1960 advertisement

The next item I got was the Fire King Candleglow loaf pan. My first ever vintage loaf pan. I couldn't be happier. I love this pattern.

My best trade of the day was my divided dish in my new favorite pattern, Horizon Blue. It was in excellent condition.

I had two more pieces I needed to trade. I shipped one out this morning. I traded it for the orange hydrangea Glasbake loaf pan. She sent me a pick before shipping it. I should get it one day this week. I can't wait.

My last item I am trying to trade is the Tulip oval Pyrex but the lady hasn't responded. This is what she has offered me and I definitely said yes, I would trade for the stripes. I love this bowl and it is the bigger one so I am really thrilled. I sent her all the pics from the tulip and hope she says yes today. I would love to have this piece.

That was about all accomplished on Saturday other than getting some groceries. Sunday was Sunday School and church followed by relaxing in the afternoon after entering a party order for my Thirty-One business. I went to choir practice last night. We watched a new show on the Food Network and then went to bed early to try to get back the hour we lost with the time change. All in all, a very pleasant weekend.

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Terri D said...

It looks like you got some great trades!! Keep us posted on the bowl trade!