Welcome March

Finally, March is here. Spring is around the corner. I saw my first robin in the tree outside the kitchen window. It always gives me hope to see that. To me it is a sign that maybe, just maybe we won't get too much more bad weather.

But what encourages most is when I start seeing the daffodils growing wild along the roadside. To me that is a sure sign that spring is on the way. Obviously, I haven't seen that yet, but I am holding out hope.

Not sure is March will be coming in like a lion or a lamb. It is raining today so I know it is coming in wet. What worries me is when all this snow we have had gets washed away with rain, will we start having flooding issues?

I don't think the lake water is high enough that they will have to open the flood gates. It is very rare when they do, but it is very awesome to watch. People come from miles around to watch them let the water out when that happens.

As I sit here typing this, the heavens just opened up with a downpour. Glad I found my lost umbrella yesterday. It's going to be a wet one out there and I have three errands to run on my lunch hour.

Yes, no matter what, March is definitely coming in wet if nothing else. Enjoy your day.


Leslie said...

March came bringing a sheet of ice with it. It's yucky out there today too. This has really been a long cold winter. I wonder of my flowers have started to come up under all of this snow. :) Hurry Spring.
Have a great new week.

Terri D said...

I love seeing the flowers growing along the highways. It's lovely that some local governments toss out those seeds for our enjoyment as we drive along. Spring IS coming! I think we can all count on it!