I can't decide...

Okay. I have a Pyrex Town & Country Cinderella 444 bowl which I absolutely love. The problem is that the Cinderella set for Town & Country comes two different ways. 

This is one of my favorite patterns. However, I found out that this set comes with the other three bowls in solid colors that match the colors in the big bowl.

But it also comes with the patterns on all four bowls.

So I have found the solid brown to go with it for the solid set. And then I found the second from the top bowl to go with the patterned set. 

Do you see my dilemma? I am ready to try to complete the set. Question is, which set do I complete? The one with the pattern and three solids or the one with all the patterned bowls. Both sets are gorgeous and I can't decide which I would rather have.

Please leave me a comment on which one you like the best to help me decide. 

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Rachel said...

I like patterns on all four bowls. They are so pretty.