Not off to a good start....

Tonight we start decorating for Vacation Bible School in the sanctuary at church. We stayed over last night so the men could bring the main part of the decorations down. It is a "tomb" that we are going to cover and make as a "waterfall" and will be one of the main structures in our set. Everything we are doing has been planned around that structure.

Imagine my dismay when the men all come back to the stage without the "tomb" and they tell me it totally shattered when they picked it up. I went upstairs to look an sure enough it is not salvageable. Our youth pastor asked "How bad did you need it for the decor?" I guess the look on my face convinced him it was pretty important. 

Everybody started thinking and one of the youth boys (about 11 or 12) said "I have an idea." We were willing to listen to anything. He said he saw PVC pipe upstairs and wondered if we could build something out of that and cover it. 

Where there is a will there is a way...as long as there is a young boy to give you an awesome idea. 

Thanks, Alex!

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Terri D said...

Definitely keep that young man around!! Hope you can share some photos soon!!