The Decorating is Done....

We had awesome fun last night decorating the sanctuary for Vacation Bible School. I was amazed at how PVC pipe and a few stacked chairs could create the waterfall effect.

We stacked some of the choir chairs in to stacks and covered them with black sheets. I turned a card table upside down and put cardboard on top of the leg bottoms and bent the cardboard a little in the middle to give the "roof" a pitch. We draped the sides and front with some fish netting from the Dollar Tree. The Pastor loaned us his lantern. I covered paper towel rolls with brown construction paper, punched holes in the ends and then threaded jute through the holes to create a tree house ladder. We sat the trees from around the sanctuary around the tree house for foliage. Very, very pleased with the finished product.

We used construction paper and string to create a swinging bridge from the tree house to the waterfall.

I bought two different rolls of wire mesh. I cut two pieces and then wadded them up in the middle and secured them with a pipe cleaner. Another pipe cleaner and some pom poms created the antenna. Since butterflies are part of our theme, I made several of these to be incorporated into our set design.

I was so happy with how they turned out. My own creation. Didn't have to Google it or look it up on Pinterest. Just sat down and thought "Wonder if I can make butterflies with this mesh?".

Check out the flowers and trees we made. 

The flowers are upside down relish trays from Dollar Tree. We hot glued them on pool noodles (cut in various lengths). We bought those old fashioned bathroom plungers with wood handles and inserted them in the pool noodles so they would stand up. We also bought colored bowls and turned them upside down. We bought round white labels and stuck them on the bowls to make them look like mushrooms.

We took another pool noodle and ripped the bottoms out of brown paper lunch bags. We slid the bags up over the pool noodle. Then we cut leaves out of tissue paper and using glue dots, we made the leaf "veins" out of floral wire. Then we inserted them on the pool noodle using push pins. And look how cute the trees turned out. 

We put tissue paper in a florist vase and surrounded it with logs to create a fire. We stuffed cotton in sleeping bags to make it look like someone was camping out.

When it all came together, we had the effect we had hoped for. 

Now we just wait for Sunday night to kick off VBS as we Journey Off the Map. I will be working with the Kindergarten class this year. My main job for the class will be the crafts. I have everything ready and now just to get some rest for the next two day. It is going to be a fun-filled week next week.

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Terri D said...

I say it all the time, but your creativity always amazes me! Excellent job on this!