A little re-organization and a few new products

I am constantly getting organized. Maybe one day I will actually make it there. But I did change a few things up in my craft room/office yesterday. I got my new Felt Storage Bin from Thirty-One as part of my add-on kit for the fall line. I really liked it, but couldn't decide what to do with it.

Then a light bulb went off and I decided that finally realized I had a place to store all my yarn.

And it fit nicely under my craft table where I can get to it easily. 

The little craft chest is full of church craft supplies and the drawers look so bad being clear. So I simply cut some scrapbook paper and slid in the inside front of the drawer to make it look neater. I love it.

The yarn had been in my storage closet in a little wire rack that barely held it all. So I now had a free rack to use. So I put it under my Thirty-One home organizer in the office part of the room.

It is perfect to store my catalogs, order forms, monthly specials, mini catalogs and invitations. 

My catalog stock is low because my new fall catalogs arrive today. I can't wait to get them. 

My add on kit included this new storage tote. I am going to use it for some craft supplies, but just not sure what yet. 

I love the new cross body purse.

This is just a small style perfect for those days when you need just a few things with you and want it to be a hands free day.

Yes, yesterday was a great day.

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Terri D said...

Great products!! Everything looks great!