Moving Day!

If you will recall a year ago this past March, our offices moved to a new building. We have outgrown our current office so we are moving today. Can I just say I hate packing? Fortunately, we just have to pack the small stuff. The movers will be here this morning to dismantle, move and put back together all the desks and various other furniture. It is also a blessing that we are literally moving just across the street. So that is a good thing. Maybe the move won't take to long. We have lots of shade trees around the new office. 

It has beautiful hardwood floors. This is my office. Since it was originally built as a home, I am in what was considered the Master Bedroom.

One of my walls is actually angled into three small walls. Will be interesting to set up the furniture. 

I love the wood window shades. The metal racks will be going back in my closet for storage.

Since it was a master bedroom, I ended up with a private bathroom in my office. 

It is a two story and sets up on a hill but down below is a creek that is getting a little high with all the rains we have had. 

But it would have to come an awful big flood for it to get in the house. But I do love having water running behind us.

Well, I am off to start loading the small stuff from my existing office into my car. So glad we are doing this today and then going right into a three day weekend.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, my word....what a dream job you have! Now, I would totally consider going back to work if I could work in a setting like that!! You are blessed!

Rachel said...

I love your new place! Very nice! Don't be taking any bubble baths during work time! Lol

Jeanette said...

Wow! How nice is that! I would love to work with that view everyday!

Terri D said...

Your new office is BEAUTIFUL!! Wow! I wish the owners and all of you good luck in the new digs!! It looks wonderful. Hard work ahead to get settled, but how nice it will be!