Weekend Wrap Up

 It was wonderful having a three day weekend, but it went by too fast. My last day at work last week was spent moving our office. I was so tired from all the packing that I was having a hard time unpacking in an orderly fashion. As you can tell, I was just unwrapping things willy nilly; not sure what I should focus on.  

But I did manage to find the Junior Mints. 

Friday I cleaned house and worked on a few projects around the house. I did run out to the store since we decided on French toast with bacon for supper. 

Saturday, I went with my daughter to Morristown to the Mall. While we were there, I wanted to check out Claire's to see if I could find a necklace.When I walked in the girl told me all the jewelry in the store was on sale for $5.00 or less. I found one I loved. It was $10.99 but I got it for $5 bucks.

Then I stopped in Books-a-Million to look at bibles. While I was there, I needed a new bookmark and I fount this one. I love it. 

I did find a bible I think is the one I will end up getting. I love the commentary in it.

I picked up some new pink polish to try another manicure I saw on line. I kind of like it, but the creams are really hard to do. I think I will stick with frosted polishes.

I had ordered a new clutch style bag for the awards night at National Conference. It came in this week end. I love it. 

Sunday was church and then I ran over to a friends house to help her sort her Thirty-One order from a party we did on Facebook. She had an amazing party so it was a challenge to determine who had ordered what. But we got it finished. 

I had ordered the Double Duty Caddy to keep in my car to use when I pick up fast food for lunch or supper and need a drink carrier. This is perfect for that.

Hubby and I had a great supper of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and fried corn. Other than that, I just vegged out all day. But today it is back to the "real world". 


Rachel said...

I have that little caddy. I never thought about a drink carrier. That's a good idea!

Donna said...

Like the necklace but Love the drink caddy! Where did you find it?
I'll go back and read your post again...might have missed that.
Yes, Mondays are for the birds!