Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend started off great with me hitting a couple of yard sales. The first one was a dear friend of mine. We like to barter with each other a lot so I thought I would go see what great things she had. She had already sent me a pic of this Bearington Bear witch. I love decorating for Halloween, especially with cute witches. So when I saw this I knew I had to have her. 

I had just said last week I needed an area rug about a 5 x 7. Them I priced them and thought "Maybe not." But the first thing I saw at my friend's yard sale was the rug...in a 5 x 7. Exactly what I wanted in colors that go with my decor. 

As I looked around, I saw these little boxes, which I adored. My bedroom is in these colors and I love Raggedy Ann and Andy.

I also found this little better and got it for my friend whose mother has Alzheimers. 

She had a set of resin Raggedy Ann and Andy as well. So I got those for a little table in my bedroom. 

I like this little basket. It will be perfect to drop my rings in on my dresser. 

So what did all these items cost me? Nothing! I traded her a couple of Thirty-One totes from my back stock. I took one to her that day and then I have a couple more to get with her to see which other one she wants because she has some yarn for me as well. 

The next yard sale I went to was an Estate Sale for a sweet woman at our church that passed away not too long ago. They had some fantastic stuff at good prices furniture wise, but I didn't need any furniture. So I got this adorable kitty for my cat collection. 

And this vintage mixing bowl. Not sure the maker, but I loved the size. I want this for candy canes at Christmas. I have a plan. :)

And this little hen house wall hanging.

But I just fell in love with this chicken. Is it gorgeous.

It was sitting in a basket with some fake eggs and when I got it home, I saw one of the eggs was this little tin Easter egg. Isn't it cute. When I found it in the basket of eggs, I googled it and found out that it is British Crown Colony of Hong Kong from the 50's - 60's. I love it.

So how much did I pay at this yard sale for all these goodies? The chicken alone was priced at $8.00. A few pieces weren't priced at all. So when I asked her how much everything was, she didn't want me to pay because I go to church with her and went with her mother as well before she passed. She loved the fact I would own things that belonged to her mother. But I insisted I pay something so she would only take $5.00. I was so blessed. 

Next I ran to Walmart because I was out of most of my cleaning supplies. While I was there, I purchased some new nail polish in some pretty fall colors. Can't wait to redo my nails one night this week. 

Sunday was my pastor's wife and my youth pastor's wife's birthdays. So in Children's church, I let the kids make pipe cleaner flowers and then decorate a flower vase for each of the wives for their birthday. They turned out really cute and the ladies loved them. 

I spent most of the Sunday afternoon just piddling around the house, replaced some light bulbs, fixed supper and then vegged out all evening. It was a great weekend. 


Sunday smiles.....

Some of these are just too corny not to share. Hope they make you smile.....


Planning my day.....

I have not made it to many yard sales this year and I haven't visited the local antique stores as much as I had hoped. I may spend some time doing that this morning. I did get a chance yesterday to stop at a couple of yard sales. I got quite a few goodies. I will post all that on my weekend wrap up. But I am especially excited about my Barrington Bear Witch. Here is a stock photo of her.

She is huge compared to what I thought she would be. Here is the actual photo of mine. She is setting in a little chair in the Grandchildren's room. I can't wait until Halloween to show her off. 

We are going to have a lot of fun in Children's Church. We are working on a special secret project and will get to use tons of pipe cleaners. The kids will love it. I'm heading out to get a bunch in assorted colors this morning. 

I need to pick up a new blanket for my bed. The one we have always used can't take very many more washings before it falls apart. Need to get something before cool fall weather sets in. This is what I really want if I can find it at a good deal.

I am heading out soon. I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Fun Friday

I'm heading out this morning to see a friend who is getting ready for a yard sale. I saw a sneak preview of a couple of things and I am know I'm going to get a good deal on some new Halloween decor. Doesn't hurt to plan ahead. I am in the mood to decorate for fall, but I always wait till after Labor Day. But that doesn't mean I can't start getting some ideas from Pinterest. Here are a few things I found that I can choose from if I want to make something.

This little squirrel is just too precious. He could stay out from Fall - Thanksgiving.

My Children's Church kids would love this. 

Spooky but cute.

Super simple but super easy.

I absolutely love this one. 

Another version of the candy jar pumpkin.

Another good idea for kids. Love this one. I could even draw that.

This looks super easy. Just sound round orange felt stuck in a styrofoam ball with stick pins.

Oh my stars, what a cute simple pattern to make. 

More jar ideas. 

And even more jar ideas. 

This would be fun and easy for any occassion. I would make it with using different types of scrapbook paper for the holidays. 

Well, lots of fun ideas. A trip to Hobby Lobby is in my future.


Some cute Plastic Canvas items....

I love plastic canvas and I especially love working on it in the fall when cool weather gets here. I went to find some new patterns of things to do...especially coasters. Aren't these adorable. 

Love the vivid colors in these. 

Some cute candy cane things for Christmas.

Loving blue and brown for this fall. 

And for all you sports fans, check out the football ones.

Here is an assortment. Of course, I love the teapot as well.

What cute little birdhouses.

Very patriotic.

Oh my gosh! So cute and so easy. Love for Halloween.

And I love anything with poinsettias.

Well, lots of great ideas of things to make and I have tons of yarn.