Happy birthday to my beautiful granddaughter...

It's pictures like these that make me wish she could stay little forever. Such a beautiful baby. 

But as she grew, her own personality emerged. There is not a more caring, loving little girl to be found. She is always happy.

She loved coming over and having Papaw comb her hair after she got her hair washed. She would get a magazine (usually his FoodTV magazine.) He would slowly comb each strand until there were no tangles whatsoever. 

She is definitely my grandchild. We both love to go to Applebee's and we go together on our day out for her birthday and we usually share the brownie and ice cream dessert. 

She wears her hair shorter now, but sometimes she lets it grow long again. I just can't believe how much she is growing.

And I have never seen a child so ready to pose. You never have to remind her to smile because she smiles constantly.

She does occasionally do the "eye stray" when I am trying to get pics, but as you can see....still a smile.

She loves shopping with me and even likes to model some things she sees she likes.

Sometimes we shop so much I worry that I will wear her out, but she can outlast me. 

Last night we got together for her birthday and she picked Ruby Tuesdays so she could have their chocolate cake concoction for her dessert. 

Happy birthday to my beautiful, sweet 11 year old granddaughter. We love you, Alexis Caroline!

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Terri D said...

She is beautiful!! How nice that you can have your special time together! Happy Birthday!!