Not much happening

Not much to report today other than I was very excited today when I got gas at Food City. I used my Value Card for my gas visit to get 15¢ off. Since it was Wednesday, I got to use a second gas visit for another 15¢ off. So how much did I pay for gas? 

And yes, that is my legs. And yes, those are jeans. And yes, that is the first time I have had jeans on since April. And you notice that even though it got cooler and even though I made a concession to the cool evening and wore jeans, I DID NOT give up my flip flops. I will wear them until the last possible minute. They are the one remnant of summer I cling to as long as I can.

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Terri D said...

Wow!! The gas price you got is pretty amazing! We are excited about $2.14 here. Nice that you had coupons for money off. Our temps are still in the 90s here. We can pretty much wear flip flops or sandals year-round...maybe there are a couple of weeks in February that require closed shoes...

Have a good evening!