Pinterest inspiration vs. Completed project

I love documenting my attempts at crafting ideas from Pinterest. Some turn out just like the Pinterest idea and some .... not so much. So I documented my most recent attempt. Success or fail? You decide. Here was my inspiration....

I checked my home supplies and then made a trip to Hobby Lobby for burlap and a flower. I gathered everything together.  

I cut the burlap ribbon and glued the checkered material on it with my Tacky Glue.

I wrapped it around my jar, gluing as I went. 

When that was done, I wrapped the thinner green accent ribbon and glued it on.

The flower is actually a scrapbook embellishment so it was peel and stick.

Then I filled my jar with candy corn. 

I put the lid on it.

And this was the finished project. Though I would not call it a complete success, it was at least not a failure. The width of the pre-fringed burlap cause it to stick up too high on the jar. I don't like that. But I didn't want to trim it down and refringe it because I was afraid I couldn't do it straight. If I do another one, it will have a smaller width burlap. 

I had this old chalkboard and I picked up these cute little Fall clothespins at Hobby Lobby.

So I am a little impromptu sign.

Set them on my table and I am okay with the result, but still may get some smaller burlap and redo the jar.

So what is your opinion. Pinterest success or fail?


Debbie Huffaker said...

Why not just put the burlap on a larger jar, that way you won't have to buy more burlap? Just an idea. It looks so cute. I bought candy corn (or, corn candy, as my Mamaw called it) yesterday for Sawyer!!! He spent part of the afternoon with Nannie and we had so much fun!

Jeanette said...

I think they are very cute!

Donna said...

Now these are cute ideas and simple! Too cute! You did a great job...

Terri D said...

I had Debbie's idea as a thought, too. Use a bigger jar for your burlap. I do agree that a more narrow ribbon will look better on that size, but it still looks great! I like your chalk board too!

Rachel said...

Those are really cute! You did a great job! I love chalkboards!