I have been MIA these last few days. I started to post that I was taking a break from blogging while we settle into a new routine here at home. But by doing that post I would have broken my break, so I didn't. But I'm back now. 

Do you love to repurpose things? I do. Especially when I want to change my decor a little and I don't want to buy anything new. So I just "shop" my house and find what I want and use it for a new purpose. Here are some thing around the house that I have repurposed. I needed something cute with a floral theme for my bathroom. So I decided to use this tea for one set. So I took the lid off and put my Q-Tips in the top of it.

Then I thought "The cup would make a good place for my cotton balls." I loved this idea. It was a great way to use a tea for one in the bathroom. 

Since I have tea sets, tea for ones, and tea cups all over the house, I thought this would be cute for my desk. My home office/craft room is in pinks, blues, and yellows so this pretty pink cup and saucer fit right in. 

I also have some black storage bins from Thirty-One in my office so I have a few pops of black in there. This cup semi-matches some of my Thirty-One items, so I put my hole punch and a couple of pairs of scissors in it over by my craft table. 

I found this beautiful candy dish at a yard sale last year. I just loved this shade of blue. But I never have used it for candy. So I started dropping my change in it and when it gets full, I move it to a tin that I have and when that gets full, I just cash it in. 

Can you guess which one of these items I repurpose? It's the coffee filters that my chicken is nesting in. I don't buy them for coffee. I buy them for bowl covers when I use the microwave. I simply set the coffee filter in the bowl over whatever I am heating and it keeps everything from splattering. Keeps your microwave a lot cleaner a lot longer. 

This is a vintage McCoy stoneware pitcher that my cousin and I bought for Mamaw Eden in the late 60's or early 70's. McCoy produced it in '69. I don't use mine to make tea. I use mine for flower arrangements for my table centerpiece. I change up the flowers every season/holiday. So it is ever changing. It is one of my favorite things. When Mamaw passed away, the cousin that bought it with me made sure I got it. I will forever be grateful to my cousin Patty.

My other bathroom is a beach theme so when I found this awesome pelican cup at a yard sale for about .25 cents, I knew I needed to figure out a way to put it in the bathroom. Another Q-Tip holder...wah lah.

And I found a pretty white milk glass candy dish shaped like a sea shell. It ended up being a soap dish in my beach bathroom. 

Recently, I found this beautiful pink milk glass pedestal dish. I had no idea what to do with it. But it turned out that it was perfect for storing some of my costume jewelry that I wear the most. And it matches the faint pink in my burgundy, blue and pink bedspread. So it found a home on my dresser. 

The hospital where Allen spent 4 days has a group that repurposes flowers. When someone leaves the hospital and doesn't take their flowers, this group pulls some of the better ones together and goes around to rooms who don't have any and gives them flowers. Allen got checked in about an hour before they did this that day. So he was blessed with this beautiful arrangement. 

Since we got to bring it home with us and since it was a tea pot style, I knew I had to find something to use it for. So I went through the big kitchen utensil crock and pulled out the things I use the most in my baking and put them in this tea pot. Now everything I need is easy to grab when I bake. 

I challenge you to go "shopping" at your house and see what you have already repurposed or find something you can repurpose. If you want to email me yours, I will feature it on another blog. You can email me at mamawsplace at Gmail . com. Rachel I know you can come up with some things for me to post. :)

Have a great Friday. I think I will go whip up a batch of peanut butter cookies.


Terri D said...

Your posts are always such an inspiration! I LOVE the tea-for-one Q-tip and cotton ball holder idea, especially! I hope Allen is doing better. What a great idea for them to recycle the flowers for other patients! The teapot vase is great!

Debbie Huffaker said...

I've had you on my mind so much this week....keeping you in prayer. Great ideas you've came up with.


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