Weekend wrap up....

I had a four day Staycation this weekend and it was fabulous. I really needed these past four days and I enjoyed them immensely. On Friday, Hubby and I went for a country drive. We went through the Arts & Craft community in Gatlinburg.

We drove into Gatlinburg. It is beautiful with all the decorations they put out for fall. 

On the way home, I picked up my computer from the company I have the warranty with. Brought it home, turned it on and it wouldn't come on. So I had to take it back to them to look at. The guy was gone for an hour so I decided to go a couple doors down and get my hair cut while I waited. 

Turns out they gave me the wrong cord back. So I got it and went home. We ordered Pizza Hut for supper and I picked it up to save the delivery fee. I love my Thirty-One thermal for keeping it nice and hot. 

After supper, I got on the computer to catch up on Facebook and Blogging. About an hour into it, it shut itself off. When I turned it on, I got this message....which was the very reason I had to take it to them in the first place. It is not a virus because they cleaned it off and took it back to factory mode...which FYI lost all my pics and files. I was so upset. Now I have to take it back again tomorrow.

Saturday, I decided to head to McKay's to exchange some books. I used my new Go To Tote. I loved it for this purpose. It worked out good. And I got enough store credit to fill it up with new books to bring back home. It was a sweet deal.

Since I was in West Knoxville, I traded with my Pyrex Pal, Deborah. I gave her some fridgies and she gave me this Snowflake Garland Bowl I have been wanting. 

And a beautiful set of Blue Willow service for 8 drinking glasses. My daughter-in-law collects Blue Willow so I am sure she will be thrilled to get these.

After McKay's, I made a trip on over to Hobby Lobby and got some good craft supplies. Stay tuned for blogs on my recent craft projects in the upcoming days/weeks. It is a 40 minute drive from my house to Hobby Lobby so I don't go there very often. But on October 5th, the new Hobby Lobby in Sevierville will open. That is 11 minutes from my house. Oh, wow, I am going to have to limit my trips to town. 

Sunday morning, we had the story about Daniel and the lion's den for children's church. We drew lion faces on paper plates. A couple of the ladies in the 2-3 year old class decided to try their hand at it. They did some cute faces. 

After church, I put a chicken stew on for supper. It turned out really, really good. 

I also made some old-fashioned peanut butter candy, which I have been craving. 

Monday, I did one of my crafts. I wish I had trimmed the burlap ribbon so it wasn't so wide. I may see if I can do that. I do like how it turned out though.

I made a ham, baked beans, deviled eggs and potato salad for our Labor Day meal. Then I made a Duncan Hines brownie made from cake mix. I put some chocolate frosting on the brownies. It turned out pretty good. 

After supper, I got ready for bed and vegged out on the couch all night reading my new book Wildest Dreams. It is the latest in the Thunder Point series by Robyn Carr. I have read every one of them and they are awesome. This one has been so good, I can't put it down. 

I read till about 10:30 and then heading to bed. It's back to work time today and I am good and rested, but wish I had another 4 day weekend coming up. Have an awesome day. 

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Terri D said...

I always enjoy your creative posts! Love seeing the things you find and/or create! Your new haircut is very cute! The sweets look luscious! Wishing you a good week!