Dollar Tree ideas

I saw some cute ideas on the Dollar Tree Crafts Facebook group. This is one I saw on Pinterest that I say every year I want to do. But this year I have already made a list of friends who will be getting one so I don't forget to make them. 

I love fresh greenery in the house. This year, I am going to stop at our local nursery where I get my tree and ask for a couple of pieces of a branch they cut off so I can do this. I love it. I will probably tie a pretty Christmas ribbon on the stems and put these around the house.

Somebody posted that these stuffed animals are available at Dollar Tree. I may pic up a few for decorating purposes. 

These are being added to their store stock. I love the buckets but need ideas on how to incorporate them in my decor. I am thinking they would be cute to set out as candy dishes. 

Shower curtain rings $1.00 for 12. Pipecleaners .88 cents for a ton of them at the craft store. A package of 12 ribbons for $1.00. I would need to get 2 of everything and that would be an awesome craft for my Children's Church to make and it would be under $6 for 24 kids. 

But I absolutely fell in love with this wreath. With the snowflake theme, you could even keep it up through January. Love, love, loving it.

I see a trip to Dollar Tree in my future ... like tomorrow!


Terri D said...

I have no imagination and just marvel at those who can look at something ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary. Great ideas here! You always find such fun things to share!

Donna said...

All fun ideas! Now if Only I was crafty!!Hahaa