Laugh a little

I thought I would share a little humor this morning. I turned on my Facebook the other night and notice my daughter had tagged me in a photo. I thought "Oh how sweet. Let's see what she tagged me in."

I would have been highly offended if it weren't for the fact that this is SO TRUE. I have the compulsion that makes me think I need to search out everybody I know and have one last conversation that day before we leave the sanctuary. Then I have some friends who are in the foyer that I have to say a few words to. And then we get outside where people are milling around the front and I always find somebody that I just need "one more minute" to tell goodbye. It's harder to get me out of the church parking lot on Sunday morning than it is getting a kid up for school. 

Another funny I saw was one I tagged my daughter-in-law in. I despise dusting and she loves to give me a hard time about it. It is true. I don't like to dust. Of course if I didn't love to collect so many knick knacks and what not's, I wouldn't have to move so much stuff to dust so I might enjoy it more. Hmmm....Nope. Still wouldn't like it. Anyway, I just had to share this little poem. She got a kick out of it. 

Have a blessed Sunday!

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Terri D said...

You obviously have some great relationships there that allows you to kid each other like that. How fun! Thanks for sharing! I hate dusting too, by the way. My Joe is the one who likes to talk his way out of church....