Weekend wrap up....

Saturday was a good bargain day. I went to my friend's yard sale and scored several good bargains....like this package of business cards for .25. Worked out perfect because I need to design me some new business cards. 

Then I scored this Sandra Brown book that her mom had for sale for $1.00. Her mom said she almost didn't put it in there because she had never read it. Then later I found out she wished she hadn't sold it. I will have to loan it to her once I read it. 

I got these gorgeous red and white Corelle saucers for just .25 cents each. I love red and white. 

Another quarter scored me this cute little book. I love laying stacks of Christmas story books out at Christmas time. 

Some cute snowmen ribbon for another quarter. 

This was a huge piece of turkey material. I think it was like .25 or .50. I can't remember for sure. 

I got two of these little bracelets (one in peach and this green one) and a necklace I forgot to make a picture of. Everything I got totalled $5.00. So it was a pretty good bargain day. 

After that, I went to a local antique store that I do a lot of trading at. I had some antique glass ware that had been taking up space for awhile that I no longer collected so I took it to my favorite place. I was able to trade in a few pieces and get this square Pyrex cake pan that I had been looking for. 

I also got this Early American piece I wanted.

I found this little bowl and fell in love. I think it is Federal or Fire King. I can't remember. 

I got this little Libby vintage juice glass. I love the red roosters. 

I love handmade doilies. This was only $1.00.

And this precious apron for Christmas. 

I was able to trade my items for the majority of these and only had to pay a small amount for the rest of it. What an awesome day. 

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Terri D said...

You always find the best bargains!!! Awesome!