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A rainy day...

How do you deal with a rainy day when you have to work? Simple, you fix a cup of hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows in your favorite mug and open your blinds and watch the rain. 

This weekend I found me a new favorite glass at Walmart. It was from the Pioneer Woman collection. Loving it! I am reading Sandra Brown's Smash Cut. It is awesome. It is 366 pages long and I can't put it down. I only had about 74 to go last night and I settled in to read, eat Junior Mints and drink Pepsi from my new glass. I only made it through 12 pages before getting sleepy. I will finish it off tonight I hope. 

Come back tomorrow to see some cute finds from an estate sale this past Friday. Have a good Monday. We are closed on Wednesday so we get a four day week!


Debbie Huffaker said...

I love that mug you're drinking your cocoa out of!!! ;-) Happy Monday to you!

Terri D said...

When I'm reading a really good book, I want to see how it ends, but I don't want it to end!! I know you know what I mean! I haven't craved hot chocolate yet. It's still too warm here in Florida, but I like your cup and your new glass! Wishing you a good (short) week!

Simply Linda said...

OH How I love hot coca...thank you for the promises to be the last sunny day--calling for rain all week here in upstate NY. Have a Blessed day.

ThrifterSisters said...

I love the Pioneer Woman line at Walmart! I have been able to resist those glasses but I have bought the mason jar cups and the Jadeite cake stand. Hope you get to finish your book soon! My favorite part about finishing a book is getting to start another one :-)