Black Friday

By the time this scheduled post actually posts, I will be well on my way for some Black Friday shopping. I start my Black Friday around 5:00 a.m. on FRIDAY. I don't care how good the deals are, I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving Day or after the midnight hour on Thanksgiving. To me, it is not about the wonderful bargains (although I do enjoy that). It is more about the thrill and excitement of the hunt. The gathering of ideas. The finding of THE perfect present. 

The crowds don't bother me. I just like the thrill of being in the thick of things. I know people think I am crazy and I will admit it is not for everybody. But I do enjoy it. So whether you are off shopping in the crowds as I am, spending a nice day with your family, decorating for Christmas....whatever you may be doing today, have a great day!


Sandi said...

I say this with love. You are completely cray-cray. ;-)

But have fun!

Simply Linda said...

{{{giggling}}} you are crazy for coco puffs, my friend{{{giggling}}}. I haven't been Black Friday shopping in like 10-12 years now. No big malls around here---the closet are Buffalo or Rochester or Elmira--each over an hour. Have fun...Blessings