A safe and happy New Year's eve...

What are your plans for New Year's Eve? I never go out on this night. I love getting something for appetizer style foods and just hanging out at the house. I have a four day weekend and other a quick run to get some groceries today and church on Sunday, I am hanging out at the house.

I plan on vegging out in my jammies with my new book and watching a marathon with my new Big Bang Theory DVD's I got for Christmas.

My main thing I want to get done this weekend is converting my bedroom. I am going from a rustic country look to a crisp beach theme. I have accumulated stuff for over a month and now I am ready to make the transformation. Stay tuned for before and after pics. Here is a sneak peak of the older brick red, country blue to the new Blues & Yellows that are crisper and brighter like the beach. I will decorate with beach decor but I don't like any comforters with beach stuff on them. I still like my quilts for bedspreads.

For those of you who do go out, be safe and have a Happy New Year.


My January decor...

I decided to leave my snowflake Pyrex out through January at least. It goes good with my new rooster dish.

I was at Hobby Lobby and they had 60% off all Christmas so I picked up several snow items to go with my Pyrex.

I love how my wine rack turned out. 

But my favorite is this little snowman. He is so special because I made him with one sock, ribbon, buttons and yarn along with some fiber fill. He didn't cost me a penny because I had all the stuff. But what makes him so priceless is the fact that I made him from one of Allen's old socks. Now I will have a little part of Allen to set out at the holiday.  


Our office Christmas party....

Just a few pics to share of our office Christmas party. Great food, good company. Got some cool gifts and the best part of the day was to get to go home early and start a four day weekend. 


Weekend Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was very good. Got to spend time with the family, do a little shopping and attend church on Sunday morning. I have had a bad cold and almost lost my voice for a few days but it is slowly coming back. I got a sweet gift from one of my friends at church. Can't wait for the weather to cool down so I can use it. It has been in the 70's lately. Which is weird for December. 

I also received this awesome measuring cup. It is from the Pioneer Woman series. Love it!

Some cute little girls from my Children's church got me a Pioneer Woman mug. I am going to enjoy the Star Bucks hot chocolate that came with it. 

And it wouldn't be Christmas with out my Aveeno body wash and new warm socks. I love this stuff.

I also got an adorable set of salt & pepper shakers....

....and a rooster dish. How cute is this?

I got a new purse which I have been wanting. I was thrilled to get this.

And a new tea kettle in blue. This has been on my wish list awhile.

I had bought a new notebook to make me a planner a few weeks ago.

So I added some pages and started working on getting organized for 2016.

I finally got around to getting a haircut and coloring the gray. It hadn't gotten so out of control that with all the rain my hair thought it was the 80's again. It was bushy and getting to long for me. So I got it whacked off and got rid of the gray. I am loving it. 

On Sunday, my son came over for most of the day. He took my car and gave her a much needed bath. She looks great. Of course, he wasn't home an hour and it started to sprinkle, but at least it is not as bad as what it was.

So all in all I had a wonderful weekend. Hope you did too.


Merry Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!


Vintage Charm

Oh wow is all I could say as I stared at the pictures in excitement. There is a new product hitting the shops that has my heart all aflutter. It is Vintage Charm Pyrex. That's right. A new line of Pyrex is being introduced and they are more on the thickness of Corelle. But I do love how they took some of the older patterns and are revamping them in the new. They are definitely charming in my book. 

Nothing will ever compare to vintage Pyrex, but these are some cute patterns and I wouldn't mind owning a set or two.


Will I get it all done?

It's that time of year when I have that moment where I worry I am not going to get everything done. But I'm glad to say I may a good start on wrapping last night and will be able to finish up tonight.

I baked a little batch of sugar cookies Friday night...just because. When I came home, my two little elves Edgar and Eli had gotten everything ready for me and even tested the red sprinkles. 

Then they hung out on the ceiling fan swinging around.

I almost tripped on them when they were holding a parade.

The decided the lights on the picture needed lit so they did a little climbing.

I finally put them in the chair and gave them the remote and told them to stay put. 

They did and it was a lot calmer after that.