My no-sew pillow from a placemat ...

My sister does no-sew pillows all the time. People on the Dollar Tree Crafts Facebook page doing them constantly. So I decided to join the crowd. I had some Poly Fill, a seam ripper and a hot glue gun. So I spent $2.00 on a placemat at Family Dollar. I gathered everything together.

Then I sat down on the couch and ripped the seam out. Didn't take but a few minutes. 

Because of the lining in the placemat, I had to gently work my hand in it to loosen it up from the back side, creating my pillow case effect.

This I started stuffing with the Poly Fill and moving it around and shaping and bunching until I had my pillow shape.

Next, I started hot gluing the seams back together that I had ripped open. I worked a little at a time so the glue wouldn't set too early. I pressed it together tightly until it was good and sealed.

And this was the finished project.

It now rests in Hubby's chair along with my favorite cream afghan. I loved doing this so now I am committed to make four for my friends.

This morning I was organizing the desk in the living room to make room for my printer. We had this bulky pencil holder that I have always hated. So I moved it off the desk and went in search of a better one. It was too plain for me.

After thinking and thinking, I grabbed an empty Hellman's jar. I cut a piece of scrapbook paper that was Christmas-y. I just rolled it up, inserted it in the jar and it unwound. Then I pulled out some coordinating ribbon I had on hand and wrapped it around and sealed the back side with two sided tape. And I had a nice snazzy pencil holder for the holidays. The beauty is that with the two side tape, I can remove the ribbon, pull out the paper and replace it with something blue and snowy for January, hearts for February, shamrocks for March...I guess you can see where I am going with this. I must say I love my little pencil holder now.

What have you been crafting on lately?


Debbie Huffaker said...

I've made several of these, too....easy-peasy!

Terri D said...

I have not been crafty lately but that pillow has my mind whirring. It's a very cute idea! Love your pencil holder too. You are so creative!! Thanks for always sharing your good ideas with us!