Top 10 Tuesday - Beach Decorating Ideas

My master bath is decorated in a beach theme. Awhile back I purchased a new bedspread and pillow shams to match that color scheme. I am not changing them until after the holidays. But I decided that I am going to incorporate the beach theme in my master bedroom as well. The colors are blues, tans, whites and yellows. So I did what I do best....I went to Pinterest and started pinning ideas. Here are my top 10 that I really like.

#1. A sign like this. I don't think I could find the wood to do it like this, but you could also buy some premade wood plaque, paint it and stencil it.

#2. Super simple pillows that you could stencil on.

#3. I love the thought of doing a mirror or even a picture frame with a beach theme. But I would paint it more blue than turquoise. 

#4. A few cute frames, some burlap and some of my favorite big seashells. I could do this one myself very easy. 

#5. I need to find me an old trunk and do it up with beach colors for the foot of my bed. I have a wicker trunk right now sitting there. But the lid is coming lose and it is dark wicker.

#6. I would love to do this over the doorway into the my master bathroom. It would be so easy once I found the right doors. 

#7. I am on the search for some Nantucket baskets. This will be one of those gotta get it 2nd hand because new ones don't come cheap. 

#8. And oh my gosh! Do you love this or what. Paint stirrers and some pretty beachy paint with some little star fish. A must do on my list. 

#9. Now to find someone who will do me an afghan in white, blue's and greens the colors of the ocean. I am in love with this. What is a good price to pay for someone to make something like this? I can't crochet so I will buy the yarn and farm out the labor. But this has the exact colors in my new quilt.

#10. And finally, I want to find a cute frame for the wall. I have a picture of me and Allen at Panama City that I want to blow up and frame like this. But I am going to paint mine blue. 

Looks like I have some craft projects to keep me busy in the cold month of January.


ThrifterSisters said...

I had a big wicker trunk that was dark brown that I primered and spray painted pink! Wicker is surprisingly easy to paint. So if you can't find another trunk, maybe try this.

Have an awesome day!


Terri D said...

I love all the ideas you found, and especially that last one with the window as a picture frame. I hope that you will share your progress with us after the first of the year!!