Will I get it all done?

It's that time of year when I have that moment where I worry I am not going to get everything done. But I'm glad to say I may a good start on wrapping last night and will be able to finish up tonight.

I baked a little batch of sugar cookies Friday night...just because. When I came home, my two little elves Edgar and Eli had gotten everything ready for me and even tested the red sprinkles. 

Then they hung out on the ceiling fan swinging around.

I almost tripped on them when they were holding a parade.

The decided the lights on the picture needed lit so they did a little climbing.

I finally put them in the chair and gave them the remote and told them to stay put. 

They did and it was a lot calmer after that. 

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Terri D said...

Those rascals!! Glad you got them seated and calmed down!!