A quiet day on the home front...

I had a fantastic weekend with my grandkids. It is always so much fun when they come over. I didn't get any pictures hardly any pictures because we were just too busy having fun. 

We had a Valentine's party at Children's church and it was a big hit. I was surprised by two of my Tween Team helpers. Miss Hannah bought me a box of Junior Mints and fixed them up all nice and Valentine"y" in a pretty cellophane bag.


And Miss Maddi bought me a beautiful bear and three boxes of Junior Mints. 


Which turned out to be a blessing because I didn't think we would get any bad weather and didn't stop at the store. Weather wasn't too bad but just yucky enough to not want to leave my house. So the Junior Mints from both girls were fantastic to have. 

My Thirty-One director suggested we design a vision board and put it on the front of a notebook to keep all our training notes in. We are starting a series of training calls tonight. So between that and the Grammy's I am going to go ahead and have an early supper. Throwing together some homemade baked beans and potato salad and having it with a hot dog. 


Hope everybody is having a great day. 


Rachel said...

I love junior mints! ❤️

Terri D said...

Sounds like a nice weekend and you can't have too many junior mints!! Enjoy the Grammy Awards!