East Tennessee Weather

I am currently in a love/hate relationship with Mother Nature and my Weather Man. I believe they are in a conspiracy to insure my flip flops stay in their winter storage. Here is what we live with in East Tennessee.

Cold, sunny, sunnier, rainy, stormy, bring on the snow and then back to warming. 

Dear Ms. Nature, 

Seriously. Pick a season and stick with it. There are FOUR seasons every year. That is annual. That is a few months at a time per season. Nowhere can I find a rule that says you must inflict all four seasons in one week. I need to get my flip flops out and you need to cooperate. Thank you.


The Queen of Flip Flops


Simply Linda said...

{{{giggling}}} now, look, a Queen has to have a court---so I shall be say Queen in waiting #2??????...I'm with you...you wouldn't like New York's weather then...lololol---have a beautiful day friend, regardless of the weather.

Terri D said...

It is too cold for flip flops in Florida this weekend. We are having highs in the mid-60s too.