Looking ahead...

We had some more snow last night. My area just got a ground covering but the higher elevations got a little more. 

I don't know why, but my brain gets ready for spring about this time every year. We still have a lot of winter left to get through. Yet I go into denial every year around mid-February. Well, it doesn't hurt to dream. This is that time of year I start thinking about flowers and porches. I love looking at other's porches. I think this is so pretty. 

Really praying our retirement house will have a lovely porch to relax on. Love the gray floor and white furniture:

I saw this cute idea. I love the little chair with the basket of flowers. I could easily do this. I have the room.

Thrifty chair makeover for Spring 006:

And how cute would these by a front door or by the top of the porch steps.

Look what you can do with a milk can, paint, & vinyl from myvinyldirect.com Too cute for the front porch & easy!:

I love swings. I would like to find one at a yard sale for my porch this year.

Centerville Amish Heavy Duty 700 Lb Mission Swing With Cupholders:

I definitely want some Boston Ferns again this year. I had some for two years in a row, but never got around to doing any flowers or plants this past year.

My favorite all time plant is Swedish ivy. I found a beautiful one a couple of years ago, but ended up with nowhere in the house to hang it when winter hit. I am going to look for a smaller one this year so I can bring it in during cold weather.

I would love to have a wicker table and chairs for the front porch. They just say spring and summer like nothing else does. 

Tossing around the idea of porch planters vs. planting flowers in front of the porch. Don't know yet what I might do.

Lots of thoughts and ideas for my porch. But the only thing I know for sure at this time is that I'm ready for warm weather.

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Debbie Huffaker said...

Jack just called and said that even when he got down Asheville Highway about a mile, there was very little snow....so we have more here than Knoxville. It's beautiful to look at and the birdies are going crazy at the feeder...something I just love to watch! Plus, it's snowing again. Yes, it's still winter...but I'm finding the these old bones just don't like the cold the older I'm getting....Jess says I'm turning into Mom and I tell her to just look at what she has to look forward to!!! LOL Thanks for the sweet comment on my post about "ears". I always try to look at the meaning behind EVERYTHING....which, can sometimes serve to drive me even more bonkers than I already am! ;-) HOPE you have a great day....be careful out there.