My faves this Friday

It's only about 5 months (well 148 days to be exact but who's counting) it will be time for National Conference. I am really excited about going. This will be my 3rd year so by now I know about what to expect, although they change things up on us each year so it keeps everything new and fresh. We always have an awards night and everybody has a nice pretty new dress for it. So this is going to be my conference dress this year. It's by the same people who made my short length black one last year and I love it. But I want to go with jewel tones this year. 

For shoes, I want something gold/jewel tone to match the dress. Maybe something similar to these ... but NOT THESE. Especially at $110.00 per pair...uhm that would be a big fat NO.

But I do love this necklace from Charming Charlies to go with the dress. 

Enchanted Stones Necklace

I may even get this for Easter and then just wear a shawl or cardigan with it if its cool. Do you think this would be cute for an awards dinner?


Simply Linda said...

Yes ma'am, I sure do...very nice...Blessings

Terri D said...

I think you have chosen a terrific outfit for your conference! Blew my mind when you said the sandals are $110!! Oh my!! Let us know what you find, and I know you will find the perfect shoe!