Tuesday top 10

Top 10 things I love about the signs of spring

1. The sight of robins in my yard as they forage through the grass and dead leaves looking for food. 

2. Seeing cardinals traveling in pairs, male and female.

3. The sound of a steady raining falling on the roof as I sleep

4. Getting out my flip flops to see what ones are still in good enough shape to wear again this year and which ones go in the "only to work outside" pile.

5. Planning summer vacation.

6. Going outside with a light jacket ... or better yet, no jacket at all. 

7. Watching the blue jays coming back to my apple tree outside the window.

8. Being able to take a walk around the neighborhood in the evening.

9. Seeing daffodils sprouting up along the roadside. 

10. And my favorite sign of spring that lets me know winter is just about over....my Bradford pear trees starting to bud. 

These are all things I have seen this past week and it lightens my heart to know spring is just around the corner.

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Terri D said...

Lovely photos and sure signs that Spring can't be far away now! I had to chuckle at you checking your flip flops! I think you should probably just move to Florida, where you can wear them year-round! :)