What is your opinion?

Okay, I normally decorated for spring after Valentine's Day and the later on add my Easter stuff. But Easter is the last Sunday in March this year, so I am trying to decide if it I want to start this upcoming stuff putting my spring decor out. Here was last years display.

Not sure how I want to do this years. Think I will just put all the Easter and spring out at one time next Saturday, the 27th. Then I will be ready for the whole month. What do you think?


Simply Linda said...

Same time...I love all your Pyrex. Smiles

Debbie Huffaker said...

I much prefer Easter being celebrated in April....but nobody asked me! LOL I think I'd just decorate for both at the same time. Right now, I have St. Patty's Day decorations on my front porch, though. Gotta celebrate the green! ;-)

ThrifterSisters said...

I say put your spring out now! If the weather in your area is anything like ours where its 40 and rainy one day then 65 and sunny the next, why wait? Maybe your pretty spring decor will entice the sun to stay out longer. Then I'd add in the Easter early in March. This is my plan!


Terri D said...

Easter is early this year. I think your idea is excellent!

monique said...

Yes. Why not! :)
Easter is Spring and Spring is Easter.
xo monica