Crazy around here....

I never got around to doing a post yesterday. I woke up around 5:30 and as I was walking through the house I thought "I should have planned a yard sale for my day off Friday.

Then my morning exploded. Thirty minutes later the kitchen table was already loaded with dishes and glassware and stuff I just didn't use any more. Then I tackled another cabinet and got a box full of pots and pans. 

Called a friend of mine to let her know I decided on a last minute one and asked to borrow her signs. Turns out she has no Friday plans so she said she would come and keep me company. Next thing we knew, we had both decided to get stuff gathered up for it and have a two family yard sale. We are going to get her tables and signs and bring them over here tonight.

She doesn't work so she spent the day accumulating and pricing and ended up with 8 boxes. I gathered yesterday morning, worked late into the night and got up and pulled some more stuff together this morning. I ended up with 12 containers full plus a set of luggage and some other large items to put in it. Priced as I went except for this morning. I have about 3 boxes left to price which I will do tonight.

Some of this was bittersweet as I had to make the decision on some of Allen's items and decide what I wanted to hold onto and what I was ready to let go. It was about a 50/50 decision process as some thing held no special meaning and had been taking up space for years simply because we just never knew if we needed it. Now tonight, I just have to put my house back in some kind of order now that I've been randomly pulling stuff out of the closets and stacking things on every available surface. Sherrie and I always have a blast when we do yard sales, but we have never thrown one together this fast. It will be interesting. It will be busy and most of all it will be fun.

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Terri D said...

Well for sure, keep us posted on how it goes!! Doing things spur-of-the-moment sometimes is the best way to go. Good luck!!