Getting excited....

Joining Friday Foto Friends at Jeremiah-2911.com this morning!

Tomorrow is the March Esau's Craft & Antique Fair in Knoxville. They have it once a month and it is two floors of booths that sale vintage items, antiques, crafts, and just about anything else you can think of. I love going to it. The last time I went I bought 10 items for a total of $36.00. That is an average of $3.60 per item!! I guess you can see why I'm excited. Here is what all I got the last time.

Tea for one sets can go for $20 - $30 by themselves so you can see why I think I got some great bargains. I have no idea what I'll find this weekend, but I do know I am hoping to find some Corelle plates for my mismatched collection. Well, if you can call 2 plates a collection. Here are some I would be thrilled to find. They are on my wish list.

I love blue flowers on things so this one would be excited to find.  

These wild flower sets would go good with my Indian Summer pieces.

These are newer, not vintage I don't think. But I do like them. They are a little quirky and fun. 

I have one platter that has the navy old town or old world pattern around the edges. I would like to find a platter that has a pattern in the center. I love these flowers. 

What adorable cups. 

Ms. Debbie, I am going to be on the look out for one of these platters in our favorite pattern. 

This is a cute idea of mismatching place settings. Love the black checkered one. That is definitely going on my wish list. 

This is the pattern I have a platter in but would love to find a couple of plates. This is my Mom's pattern she has had for years and years.  

My sister has the entire Christmas service for 8 or 12, I can't remember which. I think this is pattern she has. There are a ton of these at Heartland Antiques in my town. If I don't find anything at Esau's I may pay a visit to Heartland. They have about 2 sections of nothing but Corelle plates and accessories at awesome prices.

I also love the snowflake garland pattern. I have a couple of Pyrex bowls in the snowflake.

Who knew? They actually had a Corelle set with roosters. Don't know how old or new this is but I betcha if I find one anywhere this summer I will get it.

Well, I will be back on Monday to let you know what all my good finds.


Debbie Huffaker said...

I actually have that Indian summer platter. :) I love the rooster dish. Go link up your post at Friday Foto Friends...I know others would like to see these pretty plates. HOPE you find lots of bargains Tomorrow...have a great weekend!

ThrifterSisters said...

Good luck this weekend! Have fun and I can't wait to see what you find!


Sylvia said...

Love the rooster one. All are great finds. Good luck this weekend treasure hunting!

Terri D said...

My everyday Corelle set originally had 8 place settings (plain white). I have since picked up pieces here and there with patterns, and then I got my grandma's set of four place settings that are just like your mom's...the navy blue pattern. I love Corelle Ware. Good luck on your shopping trip! Be sure to show us what you find!!