Happy mail...

The excitement of finding a package in the mailbox always makes my day. 

Then there is always the anticipation of opening it and getting that first glance at how it was packed. In Pyrex trading you live in fear that others will not take as great care to pack it up as you did for theirs. So it is always exciting to open it up and see bubble wrap....the King of the Packing World. 

This was a two piece set so you have the additional worry of them being loose enough to shift to where there is a chance of breakage or cracking. So you are thrilled when you unearth the lid and find it all in one piece.

Then there is the anticipation as you start unveiling the second piece. The "oh my gosh I can't wait to see it in person" feeling that comes with a piece you have admired from photos but never, ever thought you would see in the wild, much less own it some day. 

Then that moment of perfection when you place the two pieces together and view your new addition to your collection.

Aww, sweet contentment. I am in love. 


Terri D said...

I had similar feelings opening my egg wreath!! Love!!

Debbie Huffaker said...

That's so pretty. One of these days, I'll take pics of mine...which are very few compared to yours and are not very pretty patterns. :( HOPE you're having a great week so far...well, it's only Tuesday. LOL