Welcome March....

I am a morning person. I got up today at 4:54 and decided to start  gathering craft supplies for an upcoming. I found some assorted flowers that were left over from various decorating projects over the years. So I thought to myself, those look like I could put them together for something. I took them all and put them on the table.

Then I thought about what vase I might be able to use. As I went to look at my milk glass collection, I remember my vintage Fenton vase my sister-in-law gave me a couple of years ago.  

I decided to clip the stems shorter and arrange them like a bouquet of wildflowers. I am very happy with the result and now I have a little spring time on my desk at work. 

I am very happy with the result for an impromptu arrangement.

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Terri D said...

You did a great job with those assorted flowers and the arrangement is just lovely!! Such talent you have!! I know it brightens your day having it on your desk! Spring has sprung!