A long week....

I do not recommend cleaning closets, having a yard sale and decorating for a wedding shower....all in one week. Been up late every night this past week as I pulled, priced and packed the last of my spring cleaning for the third yard sale I have had in four weeks.

I also don't recommend leaving the yard sale to go straight to the fellowship hall to decorate, realizing you don't have enough stuff, going to Walmart at 8:30 and grabbing Chik-fila-a on the go to return to the fellowship hall to finish the decorating. Got home at 11:00 p.m. after leaving that morning 6:30 a.m. Fell in bed by 11:15. 

But we are so thrilled about the shower today for the country gal and her fireman. We figured a way to incorporated the blue and yellow of the bride's wedding choices in with the fireman she loves so much. Can't wait to see the happy couple this morning. My grandson Caleb is a cadet with the local fire department so he kindly loaned us his brand new boot for decor. 

This is going to go home with the bride-to-be as a memento of her shower. I hope she likes it. Never thought of using burlap as a filler inside a glass vase. It turned out pretty cute. 

And of course what princess doesn't want her firefighter to be he hero.

After the shower this morning, I need to go back and finish up helping with the yard sale. After that, I am taking everything to Mercy House thrift store. And after that I am going home to crash and pray I never have the bright idea to do three yards sales in one month ever again.


Nonnie said...

Being the wife of a retired firefighter and stepmom to captain with the fire department, I love this. It is somewhat similar to the setup we did for the groom's cake at the reception. Very nice.

shortybear said...

bless your busy little heart,lol

Terri D said...

Very cute decor for the firefighter and his bride-to-be! I can't even stand to do ONE garage sale, let alone three!! Oh my goodness and bless your heart!