Come in and set a spell...

Wonder what we would do if you could come visit me for a day? I thought I would give you a virtual visit of some things we might do. First, I would welcome you in and we would set and visit a spell.

We'd have a nice lunch on my kitchen table. Something simple and easy. I may have made some potato salad to serve up with ham sandwiches. 

We may look through my snack bowl and have an oatmeal lunch cake or a little Hershey bar.

Afterwards, we may sit around the table and go through my recipe books or my old recipe card file that has some of the good family dessert recipes from generations before.

I would have to show you where I redecorated my bedroom a few months ago. I am still loving the yellow and blue. 

And you know I am definitely going to show you some of my Pyrex and vintage items.  

We may go to my craft room/office and see my tea sets or go through my books to see what authors we might share in common. 

We might also go through my craft bins to see if there are any projects I need to finish. 

We may spend some time on the computer showing you some of my worst Pinterest fails that I am too ashamed to post on my blog but kept as a "what not to do" reminder.

Or we may actually sit around the craft table and you can teach me to crochet if you know how.

No matter what else we do, we would take some time to sit around the fire and just visit. I'll turn the air on if it is summer so we can still enjoy the fire.

And if you stay long enough and we are having a really, really good time, I may even let you help me with the laundry. Well, I probably should have left this one off because now you will never want to visit. 

Hope you enjoyed your virtual visit with me today. Have a great Tuesday.


Jeanette said...

Very nice cozy place you have there!

shortybear said...

enjoyed the visit.

Sandi said...

Nice to visit you today! :)

Nonnie said...

It all sounds very cozy, but reading cookbooks and recipes are my thing. And, if you find someone to teach crochet, I'll be there.

Terri D said...

What fun we had!! I can teach you to crochet!!

Love Of Quilts said...

Lovely home you have, enjoyed our visit. Love the quilt.