Friday Foto Friends

I am linking up with Friday Foto Friends at Breathing in Grace

Ms. Debbie has some beautiful spring flowers over at Breathing in Grace. I am not a gardener by any means. But when my house 4 years ago, we had a snowball bush and I had no idea how to care for it so I just let nature take its course. It gets more beautiful every year. 

We had horrible rains Wednesday night and I was afraid it would take a beating, but it is still looking great. 

We also had a rose bush. I know nothing about rose bushes and I googled how to care for them and there was so many different answers that I decided not to worry with it. But I couldn't bring myself to cut it down. It is up against my porch on the other side that we don't go up and down much. I went out to check on my yard yesterday and was shocked when I saw these beautiful roses on my rose bush. 

So of course I had to share it. I loved the way the sun was caught shining in the background on this picture of it. 

A couple of the roses were in full bloom and beautiful.

But look at all the wholes in the leaves (the white spots). Apparently it has something wrong. How do I treat it?

All the blooms are on only one stem. But on the other side of the bush, this lone bud was just too precious not to get a picture of. 

Don't forget to head to Breathing in Grace to see her amazing flowers.


Terri D said...

I appreciate the beauty of flowers and plants, but have a brown thumb and know nothing about them. My guess about the holes in your rosebush leaves is that a bug has been munching on them. They are beautiful roses!

Debbie Huffaker said...

One of my roses...the yellow one...is being eaten by rose mites, too. :( I rarely ever spray for them, though. Love that picture with the sun shining through...gorgeous. Thanks for linking up today...hope your weekend is fun.

Nonnie said...

Love your beautiful roses and the snowball bush. Our roses are knockouts and don't require any care. However, last year a disease attacked them and eventually, we will have to dig them up. Dreading that day.

Mary Hutchins said...

Beautiful, I don't think we have snowball bushes down here, if we do I've not seen one. That is gorgeous!

shortybear said...

such lovely photos