I never knew about these....

A friend of mine and I were discussing our mutual love of vintage items the other day. She was telling me she collect Vera Neumann Vintage Table Napkins. Well, I had never heard of those so she suggested I google them. And my oh my what beauties I found. Here were some of my favorites. She said the ones that are real vintage will have Vera's name on them. 

I love daisies so I really like these.  

These look almost like vintage hankies. 

My daughter needs to look for these. Her husband is a firefighter so this old firetruck would be perfect for her.

This one looks like you just stepped into a garden.

I would like a set of these and use them to have a tea party.  

I love, love, love the daffodils on the navy background.

These would go good with a table setting where I use my Town & Country Pyrex for serving bowls. 

But since my favorite flower ever has always been a daisy, I think this is the set it would thrill me the most to find. 

Several of our local antique stores have vintage linen areas, but I don't usually look at the linens because I was always just interested in tablecloths and the vintage ones never come in the length I need. But I will start looking at the linens now. I am a woman on a mission. 


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These are too beautiful to use! :)

Mary Hutchins said...

WoW, all of them were so pretty!!