Some fun finds on Etsy...

I check things out and blog a lot of my finds on Pinterest. But today, I want to show a few of my faves from Etsy. Starting with these adorable beach ankle bracelets. Of course you know it has to have a flip flop on it. 

Flip Flop Jewelry Anklets for Women Cats Eye Light Blue Adjustable Chain Ankle Bracelet Silver Charm Body Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her

And I am starting to like the knuckle rings that I have seen some ladies wearing. I like the super think silver ones. 

Sterling Silver Knuckle Ring, Stacking Ring, Hammered Ring, Pinkie Rings, Sterling Silver Jewellery

Here is my next dream set of mixing bowls from Pyrex. Let the search begin. 

I really, really want a pair of barefoot sandals to wear to walk on the beach. I had a pair years ago that Avon sold but over the years I lost them. It's like foot jewelry for barefeet. Very cute. Check out this pair. 

Blue Crystal Barefoot Sandals Beach Barefoot Sandals Foot Jewelry Starfish Wedding

And I am always crazy about anything with anchors. 

Gold Anchor Bracelet, Nautical Bracelet, Anchor Jewelry, Nautical Jewelry, Mint Bracelet, Macrame Bracelet, Friend Gift, Girlfriend Gift

I also like this mixing bowl set from Pyrex. 

And the Horizon Blue set. 

What have you seen online that caught your fancy lately?


Terri D said...

Everything you post for us catches my fancy!!

Mary Hutchins said...

Love the foot jewelry, if you have pretty feet! I can't see pyrex these days and not think of you!

shortybear said...

such nice things